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Renzo Nucara, born in Crema in 1955, is a well-known Italian artist who has been able to distinguish himself with a unique and innovative artistic language.

He grew up in Bergamo, where he attended art school. As early as 1970 he practiced watercolor painting, creating surreal landscapes and developing what would become his artistic language. In 1973, after graduating, he enrolled in theBrera Academy from Milan. Here he comes into contact with the works of Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri and of Pop Art americana, which exert a significant influence on his artistic career. He began his career painting oil paintings, then, under the guidance of the artist Mario Benedetti, he experimented with new techniques and materials, such as acrylic colors and collages.

Renzo Nucara inaugurates his first personal exhibition in 1977 at the Ticino Gallery of Milan, exhibiting works that reflect his interest in a new form of artistic communication. In the 80s, the artist focuses on the theme of diary. Emotions, sensations, daily events are reported on the canvas, often through reversed or fragmented sentences, in a constant tension between the revealed and the hidden.

Subsequently, Nucara's art undergoes a notable evolution: writing becomes a sign, two-dimensionality gives way to three-dimensionality, and the use of materials expands to include wood, recycled objects and transparent films. Thus were born the Memory box, creations in which the artist combines the playful and the ironic.

In 1993, Renzo Nucara founded, together with five other artists, the Cracking Art Group. Plastic becomes the main material, becoming a symbol of their social and ecological commitment. With the group he participates in the 49th Venice Biennale with the installation SOS World: more than a thousand recycled plastic and golden turtles invade the gardens around the historic pavilions. He returned to the Biennale with the group in 2011 and 2013.

In the 90s, Renzo Nucara created i Finds, two-dimensional works that refer to the idea of an object corroded by time. These works, initially made with papier-mâché and foam rubber, are then made of plastic material enriched with layers of colour, granules, pigments and natural elements.

Parallel to his work in the Cracking Art Group, Renzo Nucara continues his individual artistic research. In the early 2000s, he began working on Resinfilm, compositions that combine resins, pigments, natural and artificial objects, transforming the exhibition space into a landscape. His journey continues with projects such as Magic Tree, created together with his wife Carla Volpati, e Time Machine, and was born in 2013 Stratofilm, a work made up of methacrylate frames layered with natural elements and everyday objects.

More recently, Renzo Nucara has started creating works NFT (non-fungible token)entering the world of Cryptoart and confirming his continuous search for new forms of artistic expression. Renzo Nucara stands out not only for his versatility and creativity, but also for his social and environmental commitment, making him a leading figure in the Italian contemporary art scene.

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