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Marco Gastini was a Italian artist born in Turin in 1938. 

It forms at School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin where he graduated in 1960 and always in the same year he won the Young Artists Award of the City of Turin with the painting Breakfast on the beach.

In 1964 he held his first personal exhibition at the Gallery The Bonfire of Alba. Two years later, he began teaching at the Liceo Artistico, a position he would hold until 1985. 

In 1967-68 he made the first ones spray painted which he exhibited in 1968 at the The Point Gallery in Turin. The following year he participates in the Salone dell'Annunciata in Milan with gods painted on plexiglass. Always from those years they are the first lead and antimony castings on the wall presented in the collective exhibition Art and Criticism '70, held at the Galleria Civica in Modena.

In 1975 he held a personal exhibition at the Cirrus Gallery in Los Angeles, on the occasion of which he presents the work Wall, while in 1977 and 1979 he exhibited at John Weber Gallery di New York.

In his works there are always themes such as lo space, energy, tension, involvement, degree of immersion, attraction and the repulsion. In these years the use of color also made its appearance together with the most diverse materials: from wood to stone, from parchment to iron.

The intense exhibition activity and collaboration with Italian, European and American galleries continues. In 2001, his city, Turin, dedicated a major retrospective to him curated by Pier Giovanni Castagnoli It is Helmut Friedel at the Gallery of Modern Art in the spaces of the Promotrice, and later in Munich, at the Lenbachhaus in the space of the Kunstbau.  

Ill for some time now, Marco Gastini died in Turin in 2018.

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