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Joseph Amadio it's a painter It is Italian artist born in Todi, in the province of Perugia where he still works and lives.

He attended technical-artistic schools and free courses in design and advertising graphics, dealing with posters on an industrial scale.

His activity as a painter alternates with that of a designer in the interior design sector and for over twenty years he collaborates continuously as a study technician at the laboratory of Piero Dorazio, master of abstract art in Italy and Europe.

Initially the works of Giuseppe Amadio are characterized by a style material - gestural to then evolve, in the last years of his artistic activity, towards style conceptual with the making of estroflesse works are monochrome.

Giuseppe Amadio's pictorial technique is certainly influenced from abstractionism, by the style of Lucio Fontana and give it Spatialism from which the painter nevertheless deviates with his everted and monochrome canvases overcoming the concept of two-dimensionality and giving importance to the themes of matter and space.

In fact, Amadio's works do not have lacerations or gashes, but are characterized by soft lines that delicately caress and mark the canvas as if they were footprints. Their gait is a sign of a passage that cadences the rhythm of passing time in such a way that space and time present themselves as expressions that can coexist in his large and monochrome canvases.

Finally, the color constitutes the last step of the creative process and is applied using resins and rubber-based dyes, very elastic and suitable for conforming to the canvases.

Throughout his period of activity, and until the eighties, Giuseppe Amadio held various exhibitions in Italy and abroad, exhibiting his works in galleries in Perugia, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence and other European capitals such as Berlin.

His last personal exhibition dates back to 2020 at the Gallery Miralli of Viterbo.

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