Giosetta Fioroni biography




Giosetta Fioreni it was a Italian painter born in Rome in 1932 into a family of artists.

During his artistic research he uses various techniques including ceramics, tempera and acrylic painting. His works have in common the childhood theme and investigate in a pop key i human bonds and feelings portraying the world in visionary and abstract way

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she was a student of Toti Scialoja. 

In 1955 Giosetta Fioroni exhibited at VII Quadrennial of Rome while the following year he begins to attend the Piazza del Popolo School with Tano Festa and Mario Schifano It is Franco Angeli.

Participate in XXVIII Venice Biennalewhere he knows Cy Twombly, Emilio Vedova and the writer Germano Lombardi. He frequents the artistic environment linked to Turtle Gallery of Pliny of the Martians from Rome.

In this period the works of Giosetta Fioroni are made with industrial colors, aluminum and gold, and are characterized by the presence of signs, writings, symbols and common objects such as hearts, lamps and clocks. 

Between 1958 and 1962 he stayed in Paris and as soon as he returned to Rome he began working on the cycle of Silver whose subjects are mostly women.

In 1964 Giosetta Fioroni met the Venetian writer Goffredo Parise who was to be her life partner. In this period, the artist reworked details of images from the history of art, in particular by Botticelli, Carpaccio and Martini. The work is an example of this Liberty, made in several versions.  

From the seventies he moved to Veneto with his partner. Inspired by nature, she creates numerous cycles: Country wrecks, The Woodland spirits not Teche. In the same years, he also made The Atlas of Forensic Medicine, a file of images of fatal accidents.

After the death of her partner in 1986, Giosetta Fioroni continues to devote herself to the creation of various works with a more introspective style. He is also dedicated to ceramic and continues to hold exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

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