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Henry Benaglia it's a Italian painter, engraver, sculptor and set designer. He was born in 1938 in Rome, where he attended Villa Medici, headquarters of the French Academy in Rome, and the studios of artists belonging to the Roman School such as Pericle Fazzini, Giovanni Omiccioli, Franco Gentilini It is Luigi Montanarini.

In the sixties, encouraged by, among others, the likes of Victor Guzzi It is John Stradone, Enrico Benaglia exhibits for the first time at The Stained Glass Gallery in Rome his paintings full of originality in aesthetics and poetics.

Immediately after his debut, the artist came into contact with various artistic and intellectual personalities such as Nanni Fabbri, Gabriella Sobrino It is Luciano Luisi and simultaneously began an intense exhibition activity both in Italy and abroad.
In these years the artist develops a great interest in lithography and engraving, techniques that will become part of his expressive modality in a permanent way.

In 1978 Enrico Benaglia began a parallel career as a set designer, staging the comedy "Gozzano's letters" by Lucio Piccolo. His activity as set designer will continue throughout the eighties, leading him in 1986 to create costumes and sets for the play "Diary" by Alice James and for "Pigeons" by Nanni Fabbri and Alida Maria Sessa.

In this period the artist consolidates his aesthetic and artistic poetics which is characterized by an original and symbolic iconography, linked to the fabulous and mythological world. In 1982 he exhibited his "Tribute to Rimbaud"And Five Years Later"The shooting star"for the show"Tribute to Granville".

In the nineties Rossella Siligato presents one of her exhibitions at the space "FIAT Art" From Rome.
Finally, in 1997, the Port Authority of Civitavecchia with the Municipality and the Regional Council of Lazio organized an exhibition with a text by Rolando Alfonso entitled "Trip to the Fort".
In 1998 the Abruzzo Region, the Superintendency and the National Museum of Abruzzo dedicated an exhibition centered on medieval themes to him in the Castle of L'Aquila "The enchanted living room“, presented by Sissi Aslan.

In May 2000, at the gallery The Rome Indicator presents the unpublished cycle of “The neighborhoods of the soulaccompanied by an homonymous anthology of poems edited by Gabriella Sobrino. The exhibition is presented by Alida Maria Sessa who also takes care of the exhibition in the following stages in New York, Pescara, Madrid and finally in Fondi.
The following year, the Municipality of Catania organized an anthological exhibition which brought together the most representative works of the artist's production from 1977 to 2001.

In 2002, in collaboration with Alitalia, he exhibited the cycle "Secret Garden", with the care of Duccio Trombadori and Alida Maria Sessa. Always with Alitalia he will exhibit the canvas "Italian night" at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and, a year later, in 2003 the cycle "Life in the countryside" is exhibited at Brussels airport, Belgium.
In 2004 he won the painting prize of the third edition "City of Fondo".

In 2005 in Perugia at the Rocca Paolina, the collection "paper dreams", with unpublished works created by the artist in the decade between 1965 and 1975. This was the period that Enrico Benaglia considered crucial for his own training.
In December 2007 an exhibition of completely unpublished oils and pastels by the master was inaugurated in Chieti, as well as a year later in Milan, with the addition of various sculptures.
In February 2011 an exhibition was inaugurated in Catania, at the Chamber of Commerce, with the title of "Splendor of the Mediterranean", then exported to Lugano, Switzerland.

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