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Anthony Possenti was a renowned painter It is Italian illustrator, born in Lucca in 1933. From his youth, Antonio Possenti manifested a remarkable artistic talent in drawing and an interest in the fabulous story, which he maintained throughout his career.

After completing his classical studies, he devoted himself to self-study, deepening drawing and illustration. His formative influences are multiple and varied, thanks to his intellectual curiosity and the rich literary and artistic culture that he has absorbed since he was a child thanks to his family. His training ranges from Greco-Roman classicism to modern and contemporary art, with a particular predilection for fantastic and engaging experiences.

Antonio Possenti travels a lot, coming into contact with different cultures and personalities, but always returns to Lucca, a city he loves deeply and where he establishes his studio in the heart of the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. This magical place, which collects the testimonies of his experiences in the world like an immense suitcase, becomes the source of inspiration for many of his works.

During his career, Antonio Possenti exhibited in important Italian and foreign galleries, including the Gianferrari, The million, Appiani Arte 32 in Milan, Marshals It is Ovens in Bologna, Diphtheria It is Biasutti in Turin, the Ferry to Venice, Put them down It is Pitchforks in Florence, The image in Arezzo, Trust to Siena, Philippe Guimiot in Brussels, Rutzmoser a Monaco, East West Gallery in London and Art Diagonal in Barcelona, just to name a few.

He also participates in numerous international art events, such as the Bologna Art Fair, Cologne, Milan, Art Basel in Basel, F.I.A.C. in Paris, Art Fair in Los Angeles, Art Miami in Miami Beach, New York International Art Fair, Tuyap in Istanbul, Foire d'art in Gent, Arco in Madrid, Stockholm, St'Art in Strasbourg and BART in Barcelona.

Antonio Possenti's works are present in important Italian and foreign private and public collections, testifying to the appreciation and relevance of his artistic talent. Critics, art historians, writers and intellectuals have written about him, recognizing his significant contribution to the artistic field. 

Antonio Possenti was a member of the Academy of Letters, Sciences and Arts of Lucca and of the Academy of the Art of Drawing in Florence. He has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career, consolidating his position as one of the most important contemporary Italian artists. Antonio Possenti leaves us in the summer of 2016 after a long illness. His artistic legacy, characterized by an original, open and poetic language, continues to be appreciated and studied, keeping his memory alive in the contemporary art scene.

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