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Ugo La Pietra




Hugh La Pietra it's a Italian artist who has dedicated his career to exploring the relationship between the individual and the environment. His activity began in 1962 and is characterized by continuous research and experimentation, which led him to range between different artistic disciplines and to collaborate with numerous artists, architects and designers.

From the outset, Ugo La Pietra has positioned himself as a visual arts researcher, challenging conventions and escaping traditional categories. His early works consisted of tools of knowledge and models of understanding that sought to transform the relationship between work and viewer. He has explored various artistic currents, including thesign art, l'conceptual art, l'environmental art, social art, artists' cinema, new writing, architecture and radical design.

Ugo La Pietra shared his thoughts and experiences through an intense educational and editorial activity. He has founded several research groups, such as the Cenobio group, The Lunar Hare, Global Tools, Maroncelli Cooperative It is Free laboratory. Through these collaborations, he has involved a large number of operators in the fields of visual arts, architecture and design.

His artistic training began in the 50s, when he approached music as a clarinetist in the Kids Stompers Jazz Band. Subsequently, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic in 1957. During this period, he began his sign research in painting, which aimed to recover an experimental symbolic language. Over the following years, Ugo La Pietra developed various theories and projects that helped redefine the concept of Unbalancing System. This theory, published in 1968/69, was applied to works and actions on an object and urban scale to highlight the contradictions present in the urban environment itself.

Radical design was one of his most original expressions, in which he sought to subvert the conventions of conventional design. His artistic and research activity has also extended to the social sphere and urban furniture. He has experimented with the use of tools for the re-appropriation of the urban environment and has designed and created installations and urban interventions in various Italian and international cities.

In addition to his artistic production, Ugo La Pietra has dedicated time to publishing and disseminating his theories. He has edited several publications and magazines, including the magazine In, which gave voice to radical research in the field of design and art in Italy and abroad. Ugo La Pietra's career has been characterized by continuous research and experimentation, which has made him an anomalous and inconvenient artist to classify. His vast artistic production and his commitment to teaching and publishing have made Ugo La Pietra a point of reference in the contemporary art scene.



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