CECCOTTI Rodolfo, Acquaforte originale firmata dalla cartella 'Quattro acqueforti originali di Piero Guccione, Franco Sarnari, Piero Vignozzi, Rodolfo Ceccotti' , 2004 - EmporiumArt
Rodolfo Ceccotti







Rodolfo Ceccotti it's a painter It is Italian engraver. He was born in 1945 in Florence where he still lives and works.

Since he was a boy he has dedicated himself to both painting and engraving, training himself as a self-taught. His friendships with poets will be crucial for the development of his poetics Gatto, Gherardini and Betocchi and with the Florentine painters Capocchini, Vignozzi, Caponi, Scatizzi and Tirinnanzi, even if his points of reference will always be Constable It is Turner, Borrani, Sernesi It is Factors, Many It is Friedrich.

At just over twenty years old, Rodolfo Ceccotti won a scholarship for young artists from the Municipality of Florence. Later he is invited to Fiorino exhibitions in 1971, 1973 and 1977.

In 1974, the artist held his first personal exhibition at the Frames Gallery. In the same year he creates the stained glass windows for the church of San Silvestro in Tobbiana di Prato. From the following year, he began to hold personal exhibitions in many Italian cities, up to the prestigious invitation for a large anthology at the Olivetti Cultural Center in Ivrea in 1979. From here on he will exhibit in numerous national and international group exhibitions.

The characteristic themes of his painting are mainly landscapes characterized by horizons of open skies furrowed by clouds, with outlines of trees, bushes or solitary cottages.

In 1984 he was among the five artists chosen by Leonardo Sciascia for the Milanese exhibition Artists and Writers at the Rotonda della Besana and was invited to hold a personal exhibition at the GAlley The Palette Of Palermo.

After a trip to Sicily in 1986, his paintings and watercolors acquire new colors and shades and are tinged with brightly colored skies covering deserted spaces

From 1970 Rodolfo Ceccotti also began to devote himself to chalcography, showing a particular fondness foretching. He refines his knowledge and technique by attending the laboratories of Marco Pistelli It is Edi Grafica in Florence and arriving to produce over 115 matrices. In his engravings the same landscape subjects present in the pictorial works recur.

There are numerous exhibitions and awards that follow one another also in the field of engraving, among which we recall in 1999 the participation in the collective exhibition of artists linked to The Bison in Tokyo at the Edogawa-Ku Center and the Yamagata Cultural Center. In 2000 he won the second edition of the Leonardo Sciascia amateur d'estampes award with the work Clouds through the branches.

Rodolfo Ceccotti also distinguished himself in the academic field by holding the chair of Engraving Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence until 2010, the year of his retirement. Since 1996 he has been the didactic director of the Il Bisonte International School for Graphic Art in Florence.





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