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Man Ray, born Emmanuel Radnitzky in 1890 in Philadelphia, was one of the most eclectic and influential American artists of the 20th century. American painter, photographer, director and graphic designer, Man Ray was a key exponent of the Dadaist movement and the first surrealist photographer. His artistic career has been characterized by continuous research and experimentation with innovative techniques, enhancing the expressive potential of the materials and means he has chosen. Born to a family of Russian immigrants of Jewish origin, Man Ray showed a great passion for art from a young age. After completing his studies in New York, he decides to dedicate himself completely to art, abandoning the prospect of a career in architecture. In 1912, he began to sign his works with the pseudonym Man Ray, a name that would mark his artistic identity forever.
In 1915, he met Marcel Duchamp, with with whom he establishes a deep friendship and together they found the Society of Independent Artists, an association dedicated to the exhibition of avant-garde works. However, Dadaism, a movement born in Europe as a radical rejection of traditional art, did not find fertile ground in New York, and Man Ray decided to follow Duchamp to Paris in 1921. In Paris, Man Ray entered to be part of the dada and surrealist artistic community, becoming friends with important figures such as André Breton and Philippe Soupault. His skill as a photographer, especially a portraitist, earned him success, and famous artists of the time such as James Joyce, Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso submitted themselves to his lens.
The turning point in Man Ray's career came when he accidentally discovered rayographies in 1921. While developing some photographs, a blank sheet of paper accidentally ended up among the others, and, irritated, Man Ray placed objects on it of glass and turns on the light. The result is a series of distorted and suggestive images, obtained without the use of a camera. This technique became his trademark and one of his major contributions to photographic art. Surrealism officially became a movement in 1924, and Man Ray is recognized as the first surrealist photographer. His artistic production and his fashion photographs published in Vogue earned him further fame and recognition. During this period, he falls in love with the French singer Alice Prin, known as Kiki de Montparnasse , who becomes his favorite model. Over the years, Man Ray has experimented with different artistic techniques, from photography to cinema, from painting to sculpture.
His works, often characterized by blinding contrasts and distorted shapes, enhance the beauty of the human body and the creative use of light.
With the outbreak of the Second World War, due to his Jewish origins, Man Ray was forced to return to the United States, where he began teaching art in Los Angeles. After the war, he returned to Paris, the city he considered home, and lived here until his death in 1976.
Man Ray left a unique and extraordinary artistic legacy. His works, both photographic and pictorial, have continued to inspire generations of artists and to be the object of admiration and study. His genius in creating dreamlike and surreal images, exploiting light and shadows, made him one of the most iconic and admired figures in the world of twentieth-century art. His tomb, located in the Montparnasse cemetery, bears the epitaph Careless, but not indifferent , an expression that reflects his rebellious spirit and his uncompromising dedication to art. 



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