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Giorgio de Chirico was a Italian painter, engraver and sculptor among the leading exponents of the Metaphysical painting.

He was born in Volo in Greece in 1888 to Italian parents of noble origins. In 1891, his brother Andrea Alberto was born, who from 1914 will take on the stage name Albert Savinio for his work as a musician, writer and painter.

In 1900 Giorgio De Chirico enrolled in the Athens Polytechnic where he began to study painting. In 1906 he returned to Italy with his mother and brother, settling first in Milan and then in Florence where he enrolled in theAcademy of Fine Arts. In 1907 he enrolled in theMunich Academy of Fine Arts where he attends the classes of Franz von Stuck and is interested in the art of Arnold Böcklin It is Max Klinger

In 1909 he returned to Milan where he was reunited with his mother and brother. In 1910, during a stay in Florence with his mother, he painted The enigma of an autumn afternoon, with which he inaugurates the cycle of Metaphysical squares.

From 1911 to 1915 he lived in Paris with his brother Alberto and came into contact with artists such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob and Pablo Picasso. Between 1912 and 1913 he began to paint his first Mannequins present in the works The creepy muses It is The Troubadour. The figure of the mannequin that represents the contemporary man-automation is inspired by a character in a drama by his brother Alberto Savinio, thefaceless man.

At the outbreak of the First World War, the two brothers enlisted and were sent to Ferrara in the 27th Infantry Regiment. In this period the De Chiricos became friends with Carlo Carrà, Philip de Pisis It is George Rea. In particular, Filippo de Pisis often hosts friends in his apartment in Palazzo Calcagnini, in via Montebello, influencing the metaphysical sensibility of Giorgio De Chirico who in his Ferrara period begins the cycle of Metaphysical interiors.

In 1924 he met and married the actress and dancer Raissa Calza and together they settle in Paris. In the French capital, Raissa abandons dance and resumes her archeology studies at the Sorbonne. Inspired by his partner's studies, Giorgio De Chirico begins to paint archaeological subjects, a tribute to classicism revived in a disturbing way. Among the works of this period we mention Hector and Andromache It is Roman city. The marriage does not last long, in fact at the end of 1930 the painter falls in love with Isabella Far who becomes his second wife and who remains by his side until his death.

From 1925 to 1935, Giorgio De Chirico developed the study of Metaphysics of light and the Mediterranean myth giving rise to the cycles of the Archeologists, of the Horses by the sea, of the Trophies, of the Landscapes in the room, of the Furniture in the valley and gods Gladiators.

In 1924 and 1932 he participated in the Venice Biennial and in 1935 at Rome Quadrennial. Between 1936 and 1937 he settled in New York where he exhibited his works at the Julien Levy Gallery.

In 1970 a Royal Palace of Milan, an important anthology of the artist takes place.

Giorgio De Chirico died in Rome on November 20, 1978, after a long illness.

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