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Bruno Cassinari was a Italian painter among the most important of the twentieth century. He was born in Piacenza in 1912 and trained artistically in Milan, where he studied at the Brera Academy and frequented the cultural environment of the Corrente group.

His artistic career began in 1930 and, until the end of the 1950s, Bruno Cassinari was active above all as an exponent of the magical realism he was born in neorealism. His work is characterized by great attention to detail and the representation of reality, but also by a strong social and political commitment. His works are often focused on the representation of the life of workers and less well-off social classes, with an eye to the difficulties and injustices that these people are forced to face.

In the 1960s, Bruno Cassinari began to experiment with more abstract forms and less tied to figurative representation. His work undergoes an evolution towards one informal painting, characterized by a great freedom of gesture and by an ever more marked use of colour.

Bruno Cassinari's painting in the seventies and eighties continues to evolve, with a return to greater attention to the figure and the representation of reality. The artist develops a personal technique that allows him to represent reality in a more suggestive and poetic way, but always with a strong social and political commitment. His art becomes increasingly aware of his role in society and of the need to represent reality in a critical and committed way.

Bruno Cassinari plays a central role in the Italian art scene of the twentieth century, and is one of the few Italian artists to have a significant presence on the international scene. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and have been acquired by important public and private collections.

Bruno Cassinari was also an important art critic and writer. In fact, he has written numerous books on painting and art in general, and has contributed significantly to the formation of a critical culture of art in Italy. His artistic legacy was important for the evolution of painting in Italy, and his influence can still be seen today in contemporary artistic production.

One of the hallmarks of Cassinari's art has been his attention to the social and political dimensions of art. Cassinari believed that art should have an active role in society, and that artists should engage critically and responsibly in the representation of reality. The painter was also an example of rigor and commitment in artistic practice. He has worked with great dedication and attention throughout his life, and has always sought to innovate and experiment. His art has been a constant process of research and exploration, and this has led him to produce works of great aesthetic and artistic value.

Bruno Cassinari died in Milan in 1992.

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