Who we are

'Purchasing art is always a gift, unique and forever. For themselves or for others. Unique, just as the sensations it arouses in those who observe it are unique. Forever, because art does not age, but acquires value and value over time.'
EmporiumArt was born in 2009 in Perugia from the passion of two contemporary art collectors who in life are also father and daughter.
From the initial collection which numbered just over 100 works, today we have moved on to a warehouse where more than 3000 original works are preserved including limited edition prints, drawings, sculptures and paintings by masters of modern and contemporary art.
The acquisition of a work begins with an investigation into its originality through consultation of the small library of catalogs we have at our disposal up to the consultation of archives and foundations.
If necessary, we intervene with small conservation and restoration interventions.
The works are finally cataloged and stored in the archive in special drawers or displays.
Consult us for more details on a work in the catalog or if you want to estimate and sell a work.
We are waiting for you!