Luis Feito biography

Luis Feito pittore

Luis Feito was a painter and a Spanish artist and is among the main exponents of abstractionism. He was born in Madrid in 1929. He attended the High School of Fine Arts of San Fernando and in 1953 he went to Paris thanks to a scholarship from the French government. In Paris, where he remained for 25 years, he began to frequent artists such as Jean Fautrier, Hans Hartung, Serge Poliakoff, Mark Rothko and other exponents of the Art Informel . In the same period he met and established collaborative relationships with some of his compatriots with whom he later founded the El Paso movement, which also included Manolo Millares, Manuel Rivera, Antonio Saura and Antoni Tapies.
The works of this period are characterized by material surfaces with white, black and ocher colours created by mixing oil and sand. In 1962, with the introduction of the color red and the circular structures, he laid the foundations for a geometric abstractionism which would characterize all his production in the Seventies. In this decade, where compositions with circles dominate, Feito's level of abstraction will be such that his works will not have titles but will only be identified with numbers.
In 1985 he is appointed Officer of Arts and Letters of France and in 1988 the MEAC of Madrid dedicated a large retrospective to him. Luis Feito dies in Paris in 2021.