Giuseppe Danieli biography

Giuseppe Danieli pittore

Giuseppe Danieli was an Italian painter. Born in Belluno in 1865. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice as a student of Luigi Nono who influenced his youthful production.
In 1897, Giuseppe Danieli exhibited the works Grey day and On sunset at the III Triennial of fine arts of Brera, while the following year he participated in the National exhibition of fine arts of Turin with the work Sunset Reflections.
In 1899 he presented himself at the III Venice Biennale with the oil painting On dusk - High mountain, in which we note his predilection for the study of crepuscular luminous effects in the landscape. In the same year, in Venice, the artist came into contact with German and Swiss painting, with Dutch landscape painting and French and Italian symbolism.
In addition to painting, Giuseppe Danieli dedicated himself to teaching drawing in professional schools, staying in various regions of Italy, from Lentini and Sciacca in Sicily, to Porto Maurizio in Liguria, to Cuneo in Piedmont until moving definitively to Verona in 1919.
He continued his exhibition activity by participating in the 1904 International Exhibition in Munich with the works Pescheria di Chioggia and Return from work and in 1906 at the Exhibition of the Promoter of Fine Arts of Florence with the works Canale a Chioggia and Alpine lake in the evening. In 1908 he again exhibited in Florence Winter in Chioggia and All'Ave Maria . In 1910 he presented the works Studies and impressions, Vecchi cantieri, Canale di pescare and< at the Exhibition of the Society of Fine Arts of Genoa t12> Alto Cadore.
In 1917 he set up his first and only living personal exhibition in Cuneo, the works on display were largely purchased by the Bra Museum.
In his last works Giuseppe Danieli abandons the landscape and chooses as the subjects of his paintings images and scenes of family life.
In the last years of his life, unable to find new avenues of inspiration for his art and afflicted by serious health problems, Giuseppe Danieli took his own life in 1931.