Giuliano Della Casa biography

Giuliano Della Casa pittore

Giuliano Della Casa is an Italian painter, ceramist and illustrator. Born in Modena in 1942. He studied at the Art Institute of Modena and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna attending Umberto Mastroianni's sculpture class.
Negli In the Seventies he met Adriano Spatola, poet, publisher and literary critic, with whom he began an artistic partnership that began with the collaboration at Edizioni Geiger up to the creation of illustrated books.
In these years he collaborated with Claudio Parmiggiani and Mario Molinari and frequented artists such as Carlo Cremaschi, Carlo Candi, Franco Guerzoni, Gian Pio Torricelli, Franco Vaccari, to whom was later added Luigi Ghirri, Lucio Riva, Wainer Vaccari, Davide Benati.
Giovanni Della Casa's artistic production continually develops between image and poetry, enriching itself with suggestions peculiar to the two activities, in a creative whirlwind always open to new experiments.
Throughout his artistic career he has experimented in various fields from painting to illustration, from artisanal publishing to ceramics. He illustrates literary monuments such as the manual of Pellegrino Artusi and the Gargantua and Pantagruel of Rabelais, creates covers, works with writers and poets to create works that intertwine words and images, he draws stage sketches for the theatre.
He participates in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, exhibiting all of his multifaceted production.