Giulio Turcato | Original graphics, lithographs, etchings, drawings and paintings




      Giulio Turcato (Mantua, March 16, 1912 - Rome, January 22, 1995) was an Italian painter, one of the main exponents of Italian informal abstract art.

      He studied art in Venice, attending the art school and the art nude school. After periods in Palermo and Milan, in 1942 he exhibited his first work (a Maternity) at the Venice Biennale.
      He arrived in Rome in 1943, where he frequented the Osteria Fratelli Menghi, a well-known meeting point for painters, directors, screenwriters, writers and poets between the 40s and 70s. In Rome, together with Emilio Vedova and Toti Scialoja, he exhibited at the Galleria dello Zodiaco and at the Quadriennale in Rome.

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