An unusual Andy Warhol at the Mumok in Vienna

The Mummies from vienna dedicates a monographic to Andy Warhol presenting lesser known works by the master of Pop Art and focusing on his skill in setting up exhibitions and performances.

The exhibition is divided into two parts: on the first floor of the museum we have both Warhol's early works and his more famous later works. For example, the exhibition of his first works shows that Warhol did not begin exhibiting in 1962 with the Campbell's Soup Can Show at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles but ten years earlier at the Hugo Gallery in New York.

In this review, Andy Warhol's side as a set up for exhibitions and installations is also explored. In particular, on the second floor of the museum, replicas of two exhibitions from 1966 and 1983 are presented, one of which is the exhibition of Cow wallpaper / Silver Clouds, originally exhibited by Leo Castelli and presented in 1983 by Bruno Bischofberger.


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