Umberto Mastroianni on the sea of Lipari

The section of Contemporary art of archaeological park Of Lipari reopens withexhibition of a series of important works by Umberto Mastroianni.

The review edited by Giordano Bruno Guerri explores the research of one of the great innovators of the twentieth century through thirteen important works.

We start from the Thirties in which Mastroianni still looks to classical sculpture by choosing subjects of a mythological and religious nature such as Female nude and bronze mask from 1939.

We move on to the Second World War with works inspired by the values of freedom and commitment matured during the Resistance.

The remainder of the review reflects the transition toabstractionism influenced by the Futurism of Umberto Boccioni first and Marcel Duchamp and Constantin Brancusi and closes with the works of the Eighties and Nineties well represented by Croto (1984-1985).


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