The Burri Foundation reopens the Former Tobacco Dryers

On the occasion of the hundred and seventh anniversary of the birth of Alberto Burri, reopen the Former Tobacco Dryers a City of Castello in Umbria.


After seven years of redevelopment, restoration and restoration of the eleven Seccatoi, the 10 million euro museum project wanted by the company has finally been unveiled. Burri Foundation and built by the architect Tiziano Sarteanesi.

From an environment born with a completely different destination, the headquarters of a artist museum, one of the very few in the world dedicated to a single artist in a city. The careful implementation of the exhibition spaces has made it part of a modern museum that is able to dialogue with all the largest museums in the world.

On the mezzanine floor, the initial project by Burri himself was maintained, who had designed the perimeter walls in whitewashed plasterboard on which he had developed the exhibition itinerary including the great pictorial cycles: Travel (1979), Orsanmichele (1980), Sextant (1982), Red and black (1983-1984), T Cellotex (1975 – 1984), Night out (1985 – 1987), He doesn't love Black (1988), Big Blacks (1988 – 1990), Metamorfotex (1991) and Black and Gold (1992 – 1993).

But that's not all. After seven years of work, we are still looking to the future with important projects for the construction of photovoltaic, a bunker that safely houses the works, a restoration laboratory and another for teaching, aimed not only at local schools, but which will also involve other realities such as the University of Sapienza in Rome. Finally, with the purchase by the Foundation of a building adjacent to the perimeter of the large garden of the structure, the construction of an important refreshment point is expected.

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