The continuous evolution of Giulio Paolini

The Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art hosts an exhibition dedicated to Giulio Paolini which traces the artist's over sixty years of research.
The exhibition starts from Geometric drawing made by Paolini himself when he was just twenty and defined by himself as his first and last painting. Starting from the outline of Geometric Design, the first room of the exhibition is conceived as a three-dimensional vision, which can be amplified and practiced on this work. 
The exhibition then continues in the second room of the Castle where they have been brought together under the common title of Vertigo a series of works created since the nineties and united by the concept of occurrence.
The third and last room is entitled End without end and collects a selection of works that refer to the idea of continuous becoming.
As Giulio Paolini writes: "Day after day, everything is renewed and repeated as a natural effect of the incessant becoming of things. In the museum, on the contrary, we can escape the disturbing fate dictated by the passing of time. The place seems to know its own particular eternity: here the hours, the works, the people belong to an instant that lives and is renewed in the illusion of always: to stop the end of Time in a certain image. 'Everything flows', as we know, but nothing prevents us from looking elsewhere, without place and without date”.



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