One hundred masterpieces from the Della Ragione - Iannaccone collection

Al Museum of the city of Livorno the collections of two great collectors are brought together, Alberto della Ragione and Giuseppe Iannaccone, to tell the Italian art of the twentieth century with one hundred masterpieces.

The review, which is entitled I lived art, exhibits works by Massimo Campigli, Filippo De Pisis, Renato Guttuso, Aligi Sassu, Emilio Vedova and many others.

The exhibition highlights the personalities of the two collectors.

Alberto Della Ragione naval engineer, entrepreneur and patron, former collector of nineteenth-century art, in 1931 offered his collection to Vittorio Barbaroux's Galleria Milano in exchange for works by Campigli, Carrà, De Pisis, Morandi and Sironi. Over time, his collection will be enriched with three hundred masterpieces.

The lawyer Giuseppe Iannaccone began collecting works of contemporary art from the beginning of his career.

Among the works on display, Capanni al mare by Carlo Carrà and The blue window by Renato Guttuso.

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