Waiting for Henry Moore in Florence

Almost fifty years after the exhibition at the Forte Belvedere, Henry Moore returns to Florence al Twentieth century museum with the exhibition 'The sculptor's drawing. Henry Moore'curated by Sergio Risaliti.

Thanks also to the collaboration with Henry Moore Foundation, the exhibition offers a selection of about seventy drawings, as well as graphics, sculptures and some unpublished works.

The exhibition stands out for the unprecedented nature of the selection of works, which will allow us to get to the heart of the conceptual and formal genesis of the artist's work, and the strong link with the Tuscan territory to which Moore was linked from his youth.

The intent of the exhibition is to deepen the importance of drawing practice in Moore's work and its relationship with sculpture, through the reinterpretation of some central themes in the artist's production and in particular his relationship with nature.

Moore himself stated: 'The observation of nature is decisive in the life of the artist. Thanks to it, the sculptor also enriches his knowledge of form, finds nourishment for his inspiration and maintains the freshness of vision, avoiding crystallization in the repetition of formulas. '

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