Marco Del Re biography

Marco Del Re pittore

Marco Del Re was an Italian painter and engraver. He was born in Rome in 1950. In 1970 he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture and simultaneously dedicated himself to photography and theatre, founding, in the same year, with Bruno Mazzali and Rosa Di Lucia the theater company Il Patagruppo . After meeting Arturo Schwarz, which took place in Milan during a theater tour, he decided to dedicate himself to painting and engraving.
His research led him to experiment with various artistic techniques, from lithography to woodcut to monotype, and the use of many supports, from paper to fabric, from wood to ceramics, from gouache to inks.
The artistic poetics of Marco Del Re is a tribute to the history of art, mythology and literature reinterpreted with your own personal taste. The clear and decisive sign that characterizes his drawing and painting is influenced by Roman statuary, primitivism and the large nudes of the classical tradition.
In 1974 Marco Del Re held his first solo exhibition, presented by Arturo Schwarz, in Turin at the Galleria La Bussola. From that moment on, he exhibited in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and Europe.
In 1988 he created his first original lithograph for the Italian Artists exhibition at the Maeght Gallery with whom he will begin a collaboration that will last for a lifetime.
In 2000, Marco Del Re began a collaboration with the artist Selma Gürbüz with whom he exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Istanbul and Paris. The two artists have produced a long series of works painted together . In 2007 he was invited by the TS1 Contemporary Art Center in Beijing to exhibit his most recent works . In the same year he organized a personal exhibition at the Yan Club Art Center in Dashenzi, the artistic district of Beijing. In 2009 he exhibited his works on paper and oils on canvas at the G at the Dumonteil gallery in Shanghai. Marco Del Re passed away in 2019 in Paris where he lived and worked for over thirty years.