Giuliano Giuman biography

Giuliano Giuman pittore

Giuliano Giuman is an Italian painter and sculptor, born in Perugia in 1944. He initially dedicated himself to music, moving towards a career as a concert performer, while simultaneously cultivating a passion for painting .
In 1964 he accidentally took part in an impromptu painting event which led him to abandon music in favor of the visual arts. He then trained in Gerardo Dottori's studio which he continued to frequent until he moved first to Rome and then to Bologna and Milan.
In 1972 he inaugurated a cycle on the shadow, initially conducted with pictorial means, in which installations, performances and photographs were soon added. Furthermore, since 1976 he has undertaken the practice of video, collaborating on several occasions with the Video Center of Ferrara.
In 1982 he began a research journey between music and painting, starting to use also glass, which will from now on be the characterizing element of his artistic signature.
In the same period he holds collective and personal exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. At the same time he created some large-scale pictorial works.
After returning to Umbria, he began his collaboration with Umbria Jazz in 1984, signing the twentieth anniversary manifesto and numerous others in 1993.
From 1999 to 2013, returning to Milan, he taught at the Brera Academy the new language of stained glass windows. From 2009 to 2012 he was director of the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Perugia.