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Stuart Semple, born 12 September 1980 in Bournemouth, Dorset, is a renowned British artist and art critic. His childhood, marked by a passion for Impressionism and visits to the National Gallery, played a fundamental role in the development of his artistic vocation. This early interest in art was further fueled by his education at Bournemouth and Poole College and Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire, where he studied painting and lithograph.
Stuart Semple had a turbulent start to his career, surviving a severe allergic reaction to walnuts at the age of 19. This affair left an indelible mark on his life and art, causing him phagophobia and pushing him to channel his energies into painting. His determination and innovative approach to digital, with the creation of an online community on eBay, led him to gain international fame already at the age of 21.
Known for his large canvases that blend images and text , stood out for his unique style that mixes contemporary figurative art and Pop Art, influenced by the Pop Art of Richard Hamilton but with a marked exaltation of feelings of fear and threat. His art reflects themes of anxiety, society, cultural history, technology, connection, community and freedom, emphasizing the social function of art.
Stuart Semple has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and his works have been welcomed in prestigious institutions such as The Barbican, ICA London and the Denver Art Museum. He has created impactful public projects in cities such as Melbourne, Dublin and London, and his 2018 "Happy City" project in Denver was one of his most ambitious, also celebrated in the Amazon Prime documentary "Mr. Contento".
Among his best-known works are "HappyCloud" at the Tate Modern, for which he was honored by the United Nations, and the installation "JUMP" in Melbourne. His artistic research has also focused on the theme of happiness , exploring the link between art and mental health. Stuart Semple is also an ardent activist, acting as an ambassador for the mental health charity Mind and promoting initiatives such as the Creative Therapies Fund.
In 2016, Semple came into conflict with Anish Kapoor over exclusive rights to the Vantablack, an ultra-black paint. In response, Semple created "PINK", the pinkest pink paint in the world, and then his own version of Vantablack, "Better Black", available to all artists.
In addition to his artistic activity, Stuart Semple contributed to various media, writing for The Guardian, Huffington Post and Vogue, and presenting for BBC TV and BBC Radio 4. He founded VOMA, the online virtual art museum, and in 2021 opened the "Giant" art gallery in Bournemouth.
Stuart Semple's career is a vivid example of how art can serve as a bridge between personal experiences, social activism and cultural expression. Through his works, Semple continues to question and reflect on the complexity of contemporary society, maintaining a constant dialogue between art, technology and community. 

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