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Simona Weller, born on 10 May 1940 in Rome, is an Italian artist. Her life is a mosaic of cultural experiences, travels and encounters that have shaped her unique artistic expression. After losing her father in 1948, Simona Weller began her education at the Convitto Nazionale in Spoleto, where her artistic talent was encouraged by the drawing teacher Leoncillo Leonardi . This early influence is reflected in her decision to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome , where she studied under the guidance of Ferruccio Ferrazzi, Mario Mafai and Mino Maccari . Here, she hones her skills in the art of painting and printmaking, preparing for her future artistic explorations.Her first significant trip to Asia, funded by a UNESCO grant, marks a period of profound personal discovery and artistic. In Thailand in 1960/61, Egypt in 1962/63 and Spain in 1964, Simona Weller absorbed local culture and art, an experience that would have a lasting impact on her art.
In 1961 she married Roberto Veller Fornasa, with whom he will have two children, David and Micol. The family chooses to live in the tranquility of the Umbrian countryside, an environment that will greatly influence her work. In this period, her painting evolved, freeing itself from academic influences and reminiscences of travel, to express an autonomous internal world. She stands out for the use of enamels and inks on precious papers, and for the representation of natural elements with a refined and poetic technique. The return to Rome in the 1970s marks a period of personal and artistic transition. Having separated from her husband, she begins teaching art at the Academy of Fine Arts and lives with the poet and critic Cesare Vivaldi. During this period, his art experimented with words and symbols, creating tables on a black background with colorful graffiti that explored his unconscious and his dreams.
His art received significant recognition: he participated in the Venice Biennale in 1978. In this period, his artistic research focuses on painting-writing, a recurring theme in his works, as demonstrated in his collages and in the cycle "Letters of a painter Italian to Vincent Van Gogh".
Simona Weller is not only an artist, but also a prominent writer and art critic. She publishes influential essays and novels, including " The Michelangelo Complex ", and actively participates in feminist movements and international exhibitions. His contribution to culture was recognized with the award of the honor of Commander by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in 2006.
In 2009, his art was further recognized when he created the official medal for the fifth year of the pontificate of Benedict XVI. This work incorporates distinctive elements of her artistic research, combining religious and cultural symbols.
Simona Weller's life is also marked by painful personal events, including the death of her first husband Roberto in 1993 and that of Cesare Vivaldi in 1998. However, she continues to dedicate herself to art and writing, leaving a lasting legacy in the art world.
Simona Weller remains an emblematic figure in Italian art, recognized for her ability to blend visual and textual elements into a deeply personal and innovative artistic expression. Her life and work reflect a journey of continuous exploration and renewal, making her a leading artist in her field.

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