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Remo Squillantini, Italian painter of the twentieth century, was born in Stia, in the province of Arezzo, in 1920. His life and artistic career have been a fascinating journey through the art of illustration and painting. Remo Squillantini lived and worked in Florence until his passing in 1996, leaving behind a legacy of works of art loved by collectors and recognized by the general public.
His artistic career began as an illustrator, working with important publishers both in Italy and abroad. However, the desire to find an identity in the subject and the passion for painting push him to dedicate himself completely to this art form. From the beginning, his artistic research has focused on the expression of a deep melancholy, depicting a bored humanity devoid of values ​​and aspirations. In his paintings, Remo Squillantini knows how to capture with sensitivity and ironic poetry the sadness of aged men and faded women, now devoid of dreams and illusions. Among the artist's most famous works are the cycles of "The Jazz Players" and "The Players", which made him known to the general public and loved by collectors .
Squillantini's particular expressionist technique, which often ironically reworks works of art from the past, is characterized by the representation of very distinctive "types", inserted in contexts dear to the impressionists or German expressionists of the Neue Sachlichkeit. His artistic production has focused on thematic cycles, such as "The Seven Deadly Sins", "Il Mare", "Il Cabaret" and "Sinopie Primi '900", each of them exploring different aspects of human existence and its vices.
Critics have often underlined the Tuscan affinity of his art, linked both to masters such as Giotto and Piero della Francesca and to his homeland, Stia, Dante's place of exile and source of artistic inspiration. Starting from the 70s, Remo Squillantini dedicated all his efforts to painting, obtaining immediate recognition and success. In 1975, he had his solo exhibition entitled simply "Squillantini", at the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery in Arezzo, with which he established a lasting collaboration until his death.
During the 80s and 90s, the artist achieved definitive consecration, participating in numerous national events and exhibitions, including the "Arte Fiera di Bologna" and the " Expo Arte" in Bari. Remo Squillantini's works are exhibited in important public and private galleries, and his works are found in prestigious collections in Italy and abroad, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
His art has touched deep chords with the public, who have found in his paintings an invitation to reflect on their own existence and to live fully, filling their lives with passion and civil commitment. In addition to the solo exhibitions already mentioned, Remo Squillantini has exhibited on numerous other occasions, presenting his thematic cycles and involving the public with his expressionist irony and his profound melancholy. His works have left an indelible mark on the Italian artistic panorama, testifying to his mastery in capturing the essence of the human soul and transmitting it through brushstrokes capable of arousing authentic emotions.
Remo Squillantini was, first and foremost, a simple and shy man, who preferred to speak mainly through his works. His art, full of meaning and depth, continues to inspire and move audiences, demonstrating that art is a powerful vehicle for reflecting on the human condition and the meaning of existence. His artistic legacy lives on today, continuing to light the way for new artistic and human explorations.

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