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Marino Marini, born in Pistoia in 1901, was a multifaceted Italian artist, known for his sculptural, pictorial, engraving and lithographic production. From the early years of his career, he demonstrated exceptional talent in art, enrolling in 1917 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. During the academic period, he has the opportunity to follow the painting courses held by Galileo Chini and the sculpture courses led by Domenico Trentacoste.
In his first years of activity, Marini mainly dedicated himself to painting, drawing and graphics, exploring different artistic techniques. In 1926 he opened a studio in Florence and the following year he moved to Milan, at the invitation of Arturo Martini, to teach at the I.STHE.TO in the Royal Villa of Monza. During this period, Marini had the opportunity to come into contact with important artists of the time, including De Pisis, Picasso, Maillol, Lipchitz, Braque and Laurents, who influenced the his artistic vision.
In the 1930s, Marino Marini began to gain significant recognition for his work. In 1932 he held his first solo exhibition in Milan and in 1935 he won the first prize for sculpture at the Quadriennale di Roma. During this period, his works mainly focused on two central themes: the knight and the pomona.
In 1938 he married Mercedes Pedrazzini, whom he affectionately called Marina and who remained by his side throughout his life, supporting him in his artistic career. In 1940 he left teaching in Monza to become a professor of sculpture at the Brera Academy in Milan, a position he held until 1943, when due to the outbreak of the war he took refuge in Switzerland. During his stay in Switzerland, he has the opportunity to come into contact with internationally renowned artists such as Wotruba, Germaine Richier, Giacometti, Haller and Banninger. He exhibits in several Swiss cities, including Basel, Bern and Zurich.
After the end of the war, in 1945, Marino Marini returned to Milan, reopening his studio and resuming teaching in Brera. Starting in 1948, he gains growing international notoriety. The Venice Biennale dedicated a personal room to him, and during his stay in the United States he had the opportunity to meet artists such as Moore, Arp, Feininger, Calder, Dalì and Tanguy.
His works are exhibited in important cities such as New York, Zurich, Rome and also arrived in Japan in an important traveling exhibition in 1978. Starting from the 1970s, museums dedicated to the artist began to be founded. In 1973 the Marino Marini Museum was inaugurated in the Civica Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, followed in 1976 by the permanent room dedicated to Marini in the New Art Gallery of Munich. In 1979, the documentation center for Marino Marini's work was inaugurated in Pistoia, which was subsequently located in the restored Convento del Tau.
Marino Marini died in Viareggio in 1980, leaving behind him an artistic legacy of great importance. In 1988, the Marino Marini Museum was inaugurated in Florence, thanks to a donation of the artist's works to the Tuscan city, which had a particular meaning for him. The life and work of Marino Marini have been celebrated around the world, with exhibitions and official awards testifying to the importance and influence of this exceptional Italian artist in the artistic panorama of the 20th century. His horses and riders, his pomones and his monumental sculptures continue to fascinate and inspire art lovers around the world, keeping alive his invaluable contribution to modern art.

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