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Enrico Paulucci, also known as Paulucci delle Roncole, was a renowned Italian painter, born in 1901 in Genoa and passed away in 1999 in Turin. Son of the general marquis Paolo Paulucci delle Roncole and Amalia Mondo, originally from Montegrosso d'Asti, Enrico Paulucci spent his adolescence in Turin, where he undertook classical studies and graduated in both Economic Sciences and Law.
From a young age he showed a great interest in painting and, while attending university, he began to exhibit his works in local exhibitions. In this period he came into contact with the Futurist movement and became friends with important Turin painters such as Felice Casorati, Lionello Venturi and Edoardo Persico.
In 1928, Enrico Paulucci went to Paris, where he deepened his knowledge of French painting, from Impressionism onwards, and was inspired by the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Georges Braque. Returning to Turin in 1929, Enrico Paulucci joins friends Gigi Chessa, Carlo Levi, Nicola Galante, Francesco Menzio and Jessie Boswell to found the Gruppo dei Sei di Torino. The group was inspired by French post-impressionist painting and opposed the nationalism and autarchy that threatened the art of the time. The Group of Six organizes numerous exhibitions, including their first exhibition in a warehouse previously used for carpet storage in the Lombardi Gallery. Even though the group disbanded in 1931, Paulucci, Menzio and Levi continued to exhibit together in various European cities.
In Turin, he founded the Casorati-Paulucci studio together with Felice Casorati, where he organized many avant-garde exhibitions, including the first Italian exhibition of abstract art by the Milanese Milione group. Enrico Paulucci is also involved in the direction of the La Zecca studio.
In 1938, he founded and directed the Turin Arts Center, which hosted exhibitions of emerging artists. In 1939, Enrico Paulucci was called to teach painting at the Accademia Albertina, where he later also became director in 1955. His teaching is characterized by open-mindedness and the absence of academic prejudices, introducing students to the art of Cézanne and Impressionism, until then little known in Italy. Among his best-known students were Mario Davico and Mattia Moreni, the latter becoming one of the main exponents of Italian abstract naturalism.
During the Second World War, Enrico Paulucci's studio and school were destroyed, forcing him to move to Rapallo. After the end of the war, he returned to Turin and held his first exhibition dedicated to Boats at the Galleria La Bussola. During his career, he received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Michetti Prize in 1958 and the Cesare Pavese Prize in 1995. He also exhibited at the Venice International Art Biennale in 1954 and 1966, obtaining a personal room in both editions.
>In recent years, Enrico Paulucci continues to exhibit his works in personal and collective exhibitions in various Italian cities, including Turin, Venice, Genoa, Messina and Rapallo. His artistic activity is not limited to painting, but also extends to design, advertising graphics and theatrical and cinematographic scenography. He collaborates with important directors and artists, including Mario Soldati, Carlo Levi, Alessandro Blasetti, Alberto Moravia and Giorgio Strehler.
Enrico Paulucci dies in Turin at the age of almost 98. His apartment in the historic center of Turin now houses an archive documenting his artistic career. The artist has always maintained a strong connection with Liguria, in particular with Genoa, significantly influencing his artistic production.
The recurring subjects of his works are landscapes, figures, marine and still lifes, mainly using techniques such as oil , gouache and graphics. His artistic legacy is celebrated in numerous exhibitions and reviews, both in Italy and abroad. Enrico Paulucci was a multifaceted artist who left a significant mark on the Italian artistic panorama of the 20th century. His dedication to art, his constant research and his openness towards new expressive languages ​​made him a point of reference for many subsequent artists.

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