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Claudio Parmiggiani, born in Luzzara in 1943, is an Italian artist who has gained a prominent role in the international artistic avant-garde. His career was characterized by original and innovative intuitions, which have marked his artistic research since the mid-1960s. Claudio Parmiggiani has chosen an independent path within the Italian artistic panorama, avoiding being labeled and belonging to a specific group, despite having had significant encounters with important protagonists of contemporary art.
After studying at the Institute of art in Modena between 1959 and 1961, Claudio Parmiggiani also demonstrated an interest in poetry and frequented the environment of Gruppo 63 in Bologna. Furthermore, he was in close contact with artists such as Emilio Villa and Vincenzo Agnetti in Milan.
His artistic research, of a conceptual nature , focuses on reflection on the role and nature of images and their emotional and cultural meanings. Claudio Parmiggiani uses a variety of materials and techniques, ranging from photography to casts, from fragments to crushing, from imprints to the assembly of antithetical elements.
His works represent a dialogue between past and present, creating a dialectical process of appropriation, denial and transfer of meaning. Some of the most significant works include La notte from 1964, composed of a painted plaster cast, fabric, wood and glass, and Yang-Yin from 1969, which transforms and inverts noses of the portraits of the Montefeltros by Piero della Francesca. Other important works are the Relocation series from the 1970s, which consists of prints of canvases removed from the walls, and the Lighthouse of Iceland installation from 2000, a permanent work placed in an isolated place in Iceland.
Claudio Parmiggiani has exhibited his works in numerous editions of the Venice Biennale, including those of 1972, 1982, 1984 and 1995. He has also had solo exhibitions at important international institutions such as the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan in 1982, the Museum moderner Kunst in Vienna in 1987 and the Musée Fabre in Montpellier in 2002.
>Claudio Parmiggiani's work has attracted the attention of contemporary critics and thinkers, including Jean Clair, Luc Nancy and Georges Didi-Huberman. His unique position in the contemporary artistic panorama, which lies between Arte Povera and Conceptual Art, has contributed to consolidating his role as one of the main figures of post-World War II Italian art.
In addition to his artistic activity, Claudio Parmiggiani has also written several texts, including Sangue Stella Spirito of 2000. His depth of thought and his clear awareness of the civil meaning of art place him in continuity with the great tradition of Italian and European painting.
Claudio Parmiggiani is an Italian artist of great importance in the field of international contemporary art. His innovative artistic research, independence from the Italian artistic context and his dialogue between past and present have contributed to shaping him as a unique and inimitable figure in the art panorama.

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