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Vanessa Beecroft is an Italian artist specialized in artistic expression through tableau vivant

Born in Genoa in 1969, she comes from a cosmopolitan family, made up of an Italian mother and an English father.
Vanessa Beecroft spends most of her childhood in a small village on Lake Garda, Malcesine, immediately showing her creative inclinations.
Back in Genoa, after attending the art school, she graduated in painting at theLigustica Academy of Fine Arts making himself noticed for his marked originality in dealing with different disciplines with a modern look.
After attending the show courses of "The key", well-known association of Campopisano, Vanessa Beecroft chooses to attend the Faculty of Architecture and then move to theBrera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where he graduated in Scenography in 1993.

At this point Vanessa Beecroft begins the rise of her artistic path, which leads her to exhibit her living works in some of the main museums in the world, traveling between the Old and New continents always looking for a dimension that could fully represent the its free and original expression. His creed is based on the value of performance, which must be enjoyed by a wide audience and perceived according to what is one's own interiority. No great explanations are given to the works of Vanessa Beecroft, since art according to its conception must be free from conditioning and allow the individual to question himself on an intimate and personal level about the meaning of what he is seeing, adapting it to the unique and unrepeatable feeling. of one's soul.
The representations are therefore admired and often exalted by critics, precisely because of the disruptive value that the woman has managed to give to a decidedly ancient expression, dating back to periods such as that of Caravaggio, where the component of current modernity was certainly not present.

A foretaste of what his future would be took place when he was still attending the Milanese institute, which during the first Salon decided to propose his creation at the Luciano Inga Pin Gallery, which met with considerable success among those present, students but also teachers and professors struck by such audacity.

The works of Vanessa Beecroft can be cataloged as real performance, which include the presence of naked or semi-naked women within a skilfully orchestrated scene. Fundamental components are light and color, which underline a harmonic composition capable of underlying a hidden message that the public has the task of grasping and making their own.
These performances are often accompanied by a musical component, precisely to underline the dramatic and subtle line that distinguishes them from a classic tableau vivant of the past.
The characters move in a decidedly choreographic way, following to the letter what are the indications of the artist, maniacally attentive to every action that is carried out during the performance.
The public is often enchanted in observing these figures that twirl in space in a graceful way, giving an effect of elegance and refinement and winking at the world of fashion and external beauty, which always comes from an inner delicacy that is important. transmit.

The themes most used by Beecroft are the gaze, sensuality and desire, which can be transmitted even without the aid of words but only by wisely modulating the progress of the body within the space, in a sort of refined dance that only l the gentler and more elevated soul is capable of perceiving in its revolutionary scope.

Many of his main works have no title, but refer to the place where they were made, also increasing the prestige of numerous museums in the world, which are talked about not only for the permanent exhibition but also for the temporary one. staged by Vanessa Beecroft.
It is in fact a sort of small theatrical show, since its performances are considerably affected both by the studies in the field of scenography that the artist performed at a young age, both as regards the composition in the space and the costumes used.

There are numerous venues where it was possible to observe some of his performances in motion, such as the Guggenheim in New York or the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Kunsthalle di Vienna.

However, some installations have a permanent nature and are currently visible in high-level museums, especially in our country.
This is the case ofARCOS - Museum of Contemporary Art of Sannio, located in Benevento and loved by fans of the sector for the works on display, the Gallery of Modern Art Palazzo Forti in Verona, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, which screens a video titled Vanessa Beecroft 48, a series of reflections on the relationship between art and globalization of great interest to the artist's fans and capable of outlining his life and philosophy, the MACK - Museum of Contemporary Art of Crotone, known for its progressive spirit, the MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, which exposes a photo and a slide, and finally the MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, home to numerous cultural initiatives and characterized by an interesting section dedicated to the figurative arts of the major world artists.