Riccardo WELCOME | Biography, catalog raisonné, quotations and prices



      Riccardo Welcome was born in Lucca in 1939 and began his career as a very young artist.
      He graduated from the Passaglia Institute from where he then began his career as a teacher of Painting, History of Art and Figurine in various schools in the province of Lucca. The teaching lasts until 1985, and it is during these years that his activity as an artist becomes prolific and recognized in different parts of the world.
      In 1958 he organized his first personal art exhibition at the Officers Club of Lucca. From here, many roads open up for the artist that lead him in 1974 to organize and set up an exhibition for the fiftieth anniversary of Giacomo Puccini, commissioned by the Puccini Foundation and held at Lincoln Center Metropolitan in New York, Chicago and Madrid.
      He collaborated with Salvador Dalì in the realization of the Medal of Wishes, later coined by Gold Market in Milan.
      Benvenuti was also the author of several posters made for various sporting events such as the Boxing Championships, i World Cup, the Los Angeles Olympics and the Cycling Tour of Italy.

      In 1980 he is the author of many liturgical paintings in various Tuscan churches, the most famous of which is Santa Rita a Covered Margin (Montecatini Terme), of which he oversaw the reconstruction or modification of many murals inside.
      In the 1990s, Benvenuti began collaborating with the Einaudi publishing house, for which he created the illustrations for the book Gnenco the pirate, the work of Vincenzo Pardini.
      The Mondadori & Associati publishing house dedicated a monograph to him in 1991, the preface of which was edited by Paolo Levi, which retraces his entire artistic career up to that moment.
      Riccardo Benvenuti was not only an artist who was able to give us beautiful and fascinating women, portrayed in his works, but also an excellent Italian set designer. In fact, in 2000 he created the sets for the film Metronotte, played by Diego Abatantuono.
      The following year, on the occasion of the centenary of Giuseppe Verdi's death, he sets up a personal exhibition dedicated to the musician, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Italian Embassy who invite him to Kenya to attend the event.
      As a representative of Puccini, Ricardo Benvenuti exhibits at the National Museum "Oficina del Historiador" in Old Havana, in May 2003, his work dedicated to "Puccini's women and the landscapes of music".
      The same year, in September, he presents his personal exhibition in Lisbon "Fado, Faces and Landscapes", exhibition held at House of Fado and Portuguese Guitar Museum.
      Between 2003 and 2004, on the other hand, he was commissioned by the Costa Cruises Company to create some decorative panels to furnish the largest ships in the fleet: La Costa Fortuna and Costa Magica.
      In the same year he was also the Italian representative at the European Football Championships in Portugal, an honor assigned to him by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Portugal it also sets up a series of artistic events with the title "Italy of culture enters the field" And "The Dream of Football in the Azzurri House", both held in Lisbon.
      In September 2004 he is responsible for the exhibition "Butterfly", dedicated to the centenary of the opera Madama Butterfly by the master composer Giacomo Puccini, of which Benvenuti is now the official representative. The exhibition was first staged in Lucca Cathedral Museum, to be later moved to Panciatichi Palace in Florence.
      In 2006 he was invited by the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino Wine as artistic representative of the event Welcome Brunello of which he created the celebratory image still present on the facade of the Civic Palace of Montalcino.
      In June 2006 he started the personal exhibition "The emotion of football", held in the Azzurri House in Deisburg, Germany. On that occasion, he then created the poster celebrating the victory of the Italian national football team at the World Cup held that year.
      On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, Benvenuti was commissioned to paint the portrait dedicated to the figure of the leader, on the occasion of the traveling exhibition "Garibaldi between history and myth - Garibaldi between history and myth", which displayed various historical relics, paintings and objects from that period.
      In 2009 he was commissioned to paint the drape of the Palio of the Crossbow, thus celebrating the two allegories of the cities of Sansepolcro and Gubbio.
      Again he is commissioned to set up an exhibition dedicated to Puccini, which celebrates the centenary of the musician. The exhibition is set up in Lucca Cathedral Museum, with the patronage of the Municipality. Subsequently, thanks to the patronage of the Tuscany Region, the same exhibition was set up at Palazzo Panciatichi in Florence in December 2004.
      Also in 2004 he created the portrait of Varenne, a painting that is used by SNAI as a logo to print the tickets of the Agnano Grand Prix lottery, held in 2005.
      On the occasion of the information day, held in September 2007, the artist is received by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, to whom he donates one of his paintings, commissioned by the UNCI (National Union of Italian Chroniclers).
      Riccardo Benvenuti was a multifaceted artist who worked in various parts of the world, mainly in Lucca but also in New York, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, where he went several times during his career. The women portrayed by him are mainly remembered of his work. Beautiful, enigmatic, elegant, seductive, made splendid by the skilful use of lights and shadows that create an almost magical atmosphere.
      Benvenuti died in 2018, due to an illness which occurred while he was driving his car.