Enrico Paulucci | Original graphics, lithographs, etchings, drawings and paintings




      Enrico Paulucci o Paulucci delle Roncole (Genoa, 13 October 1901 - Turin, 22 August 1999) was an Italian painter, one of the members of the Group of Six in Turin.

      Son of the general Marquis Paolo Paulucci Delle Roncole (or Paolucci delle Roncole) and Amalia Mondo, originally from Montegrosso, Enrico Paulucci as a teenager moved to Turin following his family and here he completed his classical studies, graduated in economics and law . During the years of the high school he already showed his inclination for painting and while he was following university courses he began to exhibit in local exhibitions, participating even for short periods in the Futurist movement.

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