Enrico BENAGLIA | Biography, catalog raisonné, quotations and prices



      Enrico Benaglia is an Italian painter among the most appreciated and renowned on the Italian artistic scene.
      He was born in 1938 in Rome, where he attended Villa Medici and theAcademy of France and artists' studios such as come Fazzini And Montanarini.
      In the sixties, encouraged, among others, by the likes of Vittorio Guzzi And Giovanni Stradone, Benaglia exhibits for the first time at the The Stained Glass Gallery in Rome his novice paintings, full of originality and a poetic aesthetic.
      Immediately after his debut, the artist became part of various artistic poles and met eclectic personalities of the time, including the very famous Nanni Fabbri, Gabriella Sobrino And Luciano Luisi.
      All of them contribute to Benaglia's artistic development and lead him, in 1972, to win the Villa San Giovanni Award and, the following year, to inaugurate an exhibition in Osaka, Japan. Along this line, he will continue to spread his art around the world, from Caracas to Sweden.
      It was in those years that Enrico developed a great passion for lithography and engraving which later became part of his business permanently.
      In 1978 he began his career as a set designer, staging the comedy for Rai "Letters of Gozzano"by Lucio Piccolo. Career, that of set designer, which continues in 1986 with the creation of costumes and sets for the play "Newspaper"by Alice James and for"Pigeons"by Nanni Fabbri and Alida Maria Sessa.
      In these years the artist experimented with symbolic iconography of a purely mythological character.
      In 1982 he exhibited his "Homage to Rimbaud"and five years later"The Shooting Star"for the exhibition"Homage to Granville".
      The 90s arrive and Benaglia exhibits "The Dress Beyond Fashion" to Venice.
      During the same period, Rossella Siligato dedicates an exhibition to him at the "FIAT Art", in Rome.
      At this point the artist's fame was so great that it began to arouse interest in private collectors, including Renato Civello and Enrico Lombardi.
      At the beginning of the new millennium, "The Quarters of the Soul", the work is exported abroad by Alida Maria Sessa, arriving in countries such as America and Spain.
      The following year Benaglia was invited by the municipality of Catania for an anthological exhibition, curated by Edarcom, which described the genius of the artist from 1977 until those days.
      Again, in 2002, thanks to a collaboration with Alitalia, he exhibited the "Secret Garden", with the care of Duccio Trombadori and Alida Maria SessaHe will also exhibit with Alitalia "Italian night"at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and, one year later, in 2003 the cycle"Life in the Countryside"is exhibited at the airport of Brussels, Belgium.
      In 2004 comes the victory of an important prize for painting, the "City of Fondi".
      For a whole year, in Milan, at the Senate Gallery various exhibitions of oils and sculptures with a powerful magical matrix were exhibited.
      A few months later, in Perugia, the collection was carried out "Paper Dreams", with unpublished works created by the artist in the decade between 1965 and 1975. This was the period that Benaglia considered crucial for his own training.
      In December 2007 an exhibition of completely unpublished oils and pastels by the master was inaugurated in Chieti, as well as a year later in Milan, with the addition of several sculptures.
      In February 2011 an exhibition was inaugurated in Catania, at the Chamber of Commerce, with the title of "Splendor of the Mediterranean", then exported to Lugano, Switzerland.