Ennio Morlotti | Original graphics, lithographs, etchings, drawings and paintings


      "We put the point of view or the light that escapes things, I started looking at the details, I started looking at the leaves, the blades of grass, and I started thinking about the life that took place within them. things, to the organic aspect of things and this started to move me and I started to experience this emotion. "



      Ennio Morlotti (Lecco, 21 September 1910 - Milan, 15 December 1992) was an Italian painter.

      In 1917 he joined the Paolo Angelo Ballerini college in Seregno, where he remained until 1922. From 1923, to support himself, he reconciled work and artistic apprenticeship: at first he worked as an accountant in an oil mill, later he was employed in a paint factory and then in a mechanical factory . Meanwhile, he studies ancient art in churches and museums, starting to take an interest in contemporary art.

      In 1936, after having obtained the artistic maturity as a private practitioner at the Brera Academy, he left his job and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under the guidance of Felice Carena. He studied Masaccio, Giotto and Piero Della Francesca: but, realizing that his Lombard pictorial roots would have been diverted to Tuscan painting, he soon abandoned Florence.

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