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      Bruno Caruso (Palermo, 8 August 1927 - Rome, 4 November 2018) was an Italian painter, draftsman, engraver, writer, known in Italy and abroad, from France to the United States.

      His attention has always turned to the ethical and civil aspects of man, from the hottest issues of his native land (Sicily in fact) to the more global ones, such as war, asylums, nature.

      Interested in the world of publishing, journalism and photography, throughout his life he collaborated with various Italian newspapers until he himself founded intellectual magazines, such as Sicilia in 1953. Since the 1960s, his active participation in the magazine L ' Now. He has lived in Rome since 1959, where he continues his business with a creative force that seems inexhaustible. He met and collaborated with famous artists at national and international level, from Leonardo Sciascia to the photographer Brassaï, both of whom have become dear friends. For Rai Scuola he held lectures on painting and etching aimed at those approaching these arts for the first time and whose audio videos are available on the Rai archive. In the magazine Fermenti (n.177 / 179, 1986) there is an interview with him, edited by Velio Carratoni, entitled It's the politics that can't take it anymore. Biography

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