MITA, Italian Carpet Artists Manufacture

At the Estorick Collection in London, the history of MITA, A famous Italian textile company that has earned its reputation by collaborating with some of the most talented Italian artists and designers. Among them were Gio Ponti, Fortunato Depero, Arturo Martini, Emanuele Luzzati, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giò Pomodoro ed Ettore Sottsass Jr..

The exhibition features original works, drawings and photographs illustrating the company's extraordinary production which includes rugs, carpets, tapestries, limited edition art panels, printed fabrics, scarves and important commissions destined for public bodies, clubs and cruise ships , Especially the first-class reading room of the unfortunate Andrea Doria.

In 1926, Mario Alberto Ponies, a former accountant who is passionate about art and aeronautics, realizes the opportunity to move from the artisanal production of carpets to the industrial one and decides to found a company of high quality products in Nervi.

He immediately began collaborating with avant-garde artists and designers who produced carpet patterns and designs that captured the aesthetic spirit of Futurism, Rationalism and other twentieth-century art movements. Many of these collaborations have lasted for years and have been represented in presentations at world fairs and at the Triennial of Decorative and Modern Industrial Art in Milan.

The exhibition has been extended until April 3, 2021.


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