Bochner, Boetti and Fontana

The exhibition Bochner, Boetti, Fontana open until 5 April 2021 at Warehouse Italian Art to Cold Spring, New York, investigates the link between the three artists starting from the exhibition that Germano Celant set up in 1970 at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Turin and which highlighted the connections between Italian poor art and the nascent American Conceptual Art and Land Art .

And it is Bochner himself, curator of the exhibition himself, who explains his close relationship with Italy in the catalog, starting from his first personal exhibitions in the 70s at the Milanese gallery of Sergio Casoli, at the Bonomo Gallery in Bari, at the Schema Gallery in Milan and at the Galleria Il Gabbiano in Rome.

Bochner's first meeting with Fontana took place in 1961 at the Carnegie International exhibition where theWait of the Italian-Argentine artist. The opportunity to confront his works will be repeated thirty years later in Sergio Casoli's gallery where he will come across a large wooden box containing the fragments of Murano glass that the artist used in his works.

The meeting with Boetti, whom he will also meet personally in 1970 on the occasion of the first Italian solo show at the Sergio Casoli gallery, takes place at the exhibition When attitudes become from at the Kunsthalle in Bern where among others Boetti was also exhibiting.

The exhibition, set up with works from the collection of Bochner himself and the support of the Alighiero Boetti Archive and the Lucio Fontana Foundation, thus investigates between life coincidences and research affinities, alongside the works of the artists and highlighting the points in common.



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